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We Help Self-Directed Investors & Investors Seeking Professional Investment Management

As a boutique financial planning firm, we specialize in crafting personalized financial roadmaps for discerning investors and offer three distinct service categories to cater to unique needs:

  • Consultative Financial Planning: Our team of experienced advisors works closely with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan, taking into account your long-term goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences.
  • Consultative Investment Management: Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned investment professionals who work alongside you to create and implement a customized investment strategy designed to align with your financial objectives.
  • Investment Management with Financial Planning Services: This exclusive offering combines the benefits of both our consultative financial planning and investment management services, providing a holistic approach to your financial well-being.

We understand that some investors prefer to take an active role in managing their assets. To empower these self-directed individuals, we offer both consultative financial planning and consultative investment management services on an hourly or fixed-fee basis, tailored to the specific scope each client's needs.

We also understand that some investors prefer to lean into the expertise of a professional investment management approach exemplifying personalized service, timely communication, and practical guidance. To empower these individuals, we offer investment management with financial planning services on an assets-under-management basis, customized to align with client preferences. 

We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our clients, becoming trusted partners on a client's personal finance journey. After an initial meeting is held and a verbal agreement to move forward with establishing a client relationship is made, fees are defined in a written agreement appropriate for the type of service (i.e., client's Investment Advisory Agreement, and/or Financial Planning Agreement, and/or Investment Consulting Agreement). The written agreement is required to be reviewed and signed by the client prior to the establishment of a relationship.

Additional information about our firm's services may be found here.

Please note, our fee-only financial planner is never paid a commission and has a legal duty of care to place a client's interest ahead of her own. 

Financial Planning

Fixed or hourly rate available.

Investment Consulting

Rate based on complexity of portfolio.

Investment Management

Fees based on assets under management (AUM).

Financial Planning

Are you looking to create a plan for organizing your financial situation? This is a consultative service which means that you are comfortable with implementing financial plan recommendations. You may choose from the following services: financial planning, retirement analysis, and/or tax planning. From personal finance basics (emergency fund and cash flow planning) to answering more nuanced questions (How much do I need to save towards reaching my specific goals? What is the best way to save, based on my situation? Does a Roth conversion make sense for my situation?), this service is ideal for you if you are inclined toward a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach toward investing and personal financial planning. Client receives a bill soon after delivery of plan documents. Optional quarterly check-in connections between client and financial planner are available to provide accountability without additional cost. Deliverables include 1 financial plan document and 1 summary sheet with recommendations.

Investment Consulting

Are you a self-directed investor seeking the opinion of a financial professional without giving up control and paying an assets under management (AUM) fee? This is a consultative service which means that you are comfortable implementing recommendations developed based on your investment management preferences. Services include reviewing existing investment guidelines, policies, performance, costs, and asset allocation in light of client risk tolerance and risk capacity. Tax planning may be considered when trade recommendations are made, if applicable and at the client's request. Client receives a bill soon after delivery. Deliverables include 1 summary sheet to summarize recommendations and 1 investment portfolio analysis.

Investment Management

Are you an investor who prefers to lean into the guidance of a professional for ongoing investment management? This is a service for those who may prefer to engage a professional rather than practice a DIY approach to investment management. Services include investment portfolio selection and management. Management includes creating investment guidelines for the portfolio and identifying a rate of return based on client time horizon, risk tolerance, income needs, and risk capacity. The investment management service includes quarterly or semi-annually client connections based on preference. If you are interested in seeing how your investment management strategy fits into the big picture of your financial situation, ongoing financial planning is included with investment management without additional cost, at the client's request. Ongoing deliverables include 1 portfolio performance report and 1 investment portfolio analysis. If ongoing financial planning is chosen, 1 financial plan is included with the deliverables and updated as needed.