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ACE Your Annual Review

ACE Your Annual Review

September 05, 2023

If you have a financial advisor, you know about annual reviews. The basic framework of an annual review includes a market update, a comparison of your portfolio performance against a benchmark, and confirmation of your time horizon, risk tolerance, and goals. Your annual review is about you and your money. Your advisor is the professional you’ve chosen to help you, so ask questions about personal finance, whether that involves management of your budget, debt, or property.

How will you remember what to ask? Frame your annual review with the acronym ACE: Adjust, Credit, Estate.

Adjust. Based on your financial goals and time horizon, ask your advisor: Am I on track to achieve my goals or do I need to adjust my savings rate? Spending habits? Lifestyle? Your advisor may recommend some changes that may increase the likelihood of achieving positive outcomes.

Credit. Talk with your advisor about your credit, particularly outstanding debt. Sharing information about debt may help you in unexpected ways. When I was a banker, I met a man who had nine monthly debt payments. He was convinced I could not help. We talked and created a plan. Within the year, we reduced the payment to one. This change empowered him to immediately leave an unhealthy work environment and care for his mother in her last days. Later, he told me how he felt the reduced stress saved his life.

Estate. Do you have an estate plan? Talk with your advisor about death: what happens to your portfolio when you die? Have you checked the beneficiaries on your accounts? Do you have trust documents? Do you have a plan to care for your family in your absence?

Your annual review is yours: ACE it!

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Originally published in the September 2023 issue of Positively Haywood.